Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I'm a little late with this post, we have been away for two weeks in our caravan, it actually was our   maiden voyage/trip in our new van which we purchased in November 2016.  I will post about our trip later in the week.

My dear long time blog friend Anthea had a Birthday on 10th March, we decided last year to exchange Birthday gifts consisting of one handmade item, some fabrics and other goodies for crafting.
This is the parcel I sent to Anthea, I wish I'd checked my photo and re taken it as my OCD is going crazy with the ribbon not straight on the side of the parcel.  Do you like my little tags? I ordered them in late February and they arrived the day before I posted Anthea's parcel. 

                                                These are all the goodies I sent to Anthea.

I made Anthea a block folder and layout mat and also has Insul Brite in the back piece so Anthea can iron bocks if need be. I really enjoyed making this for Anthea and used fabrics from a Kate Spain range which I sent to Anthea last year for her Birthday so I knew Anthea would love it.

This year I sent the Bonnie and Camille fabric range to Anthea, we both love the Bonnie and Camille fabrics.  I also sent a Sue Daly fabric glue pen and needles for EPP and some cute little scissor charms I found at my local craft shop.


Thursday, February 9, 2017


I joined the Project 48 Quilt Blocks Group again this year, I am loving the blocks for 2017.

This year I decided to use a Fat Quarter collection, I am using Thimbleberries "Shades Apart" by RJR Fabrics.  I purchases this fabric several years ago from The Fat Quarter Shop. There are 56 pieces in the collection so there will be plenty for the 48 blocks.

                                        BLOCK 1, is to look like the sky, ocean and the beach.

                                                       BLOCK 2, a house of love

                                               BLOCK 3, quite obviously a LOVE block

                            BLOCK 4, a row of little houses, I really enjoyed this lovely little block.

                                  BLOCK 5, a gorgeous checkerboard in the middle, it looks
                                          a little fiddly but it wasn't and I enjoyed making it.


I'm up to date, YAY !!! A new block comes out every Friday.....


Saturday, February 4, 2017


A couple of baby bibs and a toddler bib for my Great Nephew, Charlie. I love handmade bibs and hadn't made any for Charlie.  I love the colour of the fabric and I have backed them with a soft baby blue fleece fabric.  I usually put buttons and button holes on bibs however this time I used the old fashion snaps and they've worked a treat.

My niece loves the Burp Cloths I made for Charlie and recently asked me for more, I made another 2 large ones the same size as the 4 I made her when she had Charlie and 3 smaller ones. I've also washed them so they can be used as soon as received in the mail.  My niece Lisa, went back to work 3 days a week 3 weeks ago so I thought this would be a little help for her.


Thursday, January 26, 2017


HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY my bloggy friends, I am a very proud white Australian and love Australia Day on 26th January every year.  I hope you're all enjoying the day.  I will be making some Damper soon, that's my tradition on Australia Day......

The lovely Anthea, my long time blog friend over at Hibiscus Stitches organised her very first swap, I was very happy to participate in Anthea's first Australia Day Swap. The criteria of the swap was to send 5 items each starting with a letter from  A U S T R A L I A, we were to include the Australian Flag in one of the items. 

I received my parcel from the lovely Sue over at Kiwikids page, as it turns out Sue is also a bloggy friend of mine...... LOL what are the odds...

Australian flag serviettes... Large table mats... Australian fabric (about 20 pieces in different sizes)
Silly sunglasses, Sue's request also included a ... photo required please, yes I did do this.....
Australian designed fabric bag (a little dilly bag)

Funny photo with silly sunglases

 I sent my parcel to Julie over at Jewells, I sent Julie the following items...

Soap (Australian made).... Tea leaves in a tin from T2... Red buttons (various)... Australian fabric incoporating the Australian flag made into a mug rug.... Lace doily

Thank you Anthea for organising this swap, it was loads of fun, looking forward to the swap again in


Saturday, January 14, 2017


These are the last 8 blocks I have done in the P48Q blocks for 2016.  I enjoyed joining this group in 2016, I learnt so many new blocks and tips along the way....

I really love this completed block, however I must admit I didn't enjoy the process, it's a foundation paper piecing block, I wasted so much fabric and unpicked so many times.......

                                                                     BLOCK 37

I didn't enjoy making this block either, mainly as there weren't any instructions which made the colour combination incorrect meaning you can't see the intended pattern very well. I wasted so much fabric as in the previous block. I'm not a fan of foundation paper piecing.  Maybe I need to look at a few more tutorials. At least I gave it a go.....




This is my first ever English Paper Piecing block AKA EPP....  The pattern had another round of hexies however as I wanted to finish these remainding blocks before the end of 2016 hence the reason I left it this size.





I managed to make 42 out of the 48 Blocks, that's all I'm doing for now.  Maybe when I've got some spare time I may revisit the blocks I haven't done but they really didn't appeal to me at this point. 


Wednesday, January 4, 2017


WOOHOO Happy New Year, I hope this year is a cracker of a year for everyone.

Kate and my SIL gave me this gorgeous Estee Lauder Bag full of Estee Lauder goodies,. which included Eau De Parfum, Nail polish, Eye shadow in that gorgeous little red case and an Estee Lauder BB cream......

Including this gorgeous new Eau De Parfum called "Modern  Muse", it is so lovely.

We were very spolit, Kate also gave us 2 Gold Class movie tickets and $50 to spend on food and drinks whilstg at the movies.  We've never experienced Gold Class so will wait for a great movie to go and see with the tickets. 

I also received this gorgeous coffee mug with a beautiful Wedding photo on it... I have used it quite a few times since Christmas Day, such a wonderful thoughful gift..

My BFF gave me (amongst other things) this wonderful "Kaylee" coffee mug, I was so thrilled and excited to receive this as I've never in my 58 years had anything with my name on it,   my BFF was also very excited to buy it for me...

Our daughter Rebecca gave us a baby Webber Q which I didn't add a photo on the BLOG. We used it Christmas Day to cook the Pork and the Turkey Breast. It cooked the meat beautifully.
These are Rebecca's 2 dogs AKA my Grand fur babies.  They were pooped after such a big eventful day and resting in the cool of the patio....

There we are Christmas over for another 12 months...


Saturday, December 31, 2016


This BLOG post has been a long time coming so before 2016 ends I want to BLOG about our daughter's Wedding, just warning you this post will be photo heavy.........

It was the Wedding of the year, Kate organised 90% of her Wedding, she likes to be in control, like her Mother !!! LOL..... I had to practically beg her to give me some things to organise.... Kate was the happiest bride I have ever seen, absolutley nothing fazed her on the day.  The week leading up to the Wedding we had LOTS of rain, the morning of the Wedding we had heavy down pours but we all remained happy.  The Wedding ceremoney was in a Chapel so we knew we wouldn't get wet.  The rain stopped for us to have photos before the ceremony and for everyone to enter the Chapel.  During the ceremony it poured down and looked and sounded so beautiful, to me it was a sign of our loved ones in Heaven raining tears of joy.....  Then after the ceremony the rain stopped for them to have the most beautiful photos taken.......  Kate and Josh started dating when Kate was in Grade 12, she was just 17 and Josh was 21, now 11 years later they have become husband and wife so NOTHING was going to spoil the day.........

Kate having her hair done and enjoying a champagne.  Kate doesn't drink champagne, this is the first time ever I have seen Kate drink champagne.....

Kate always has this most beautiful smile on her face and her Wedding day was so exception.

Kate and I ready for the big day.

Kate and Pa (her Dad) before getting into the limo...

Arriving at the "Arabella" Wedding Chapel, Buderim.....

                                                     Kate and Josh after the ceremony.

                                                   Me and my two beautiful daughters.

                                                                           Kate and me

                                                        My Mum, Kate and me....

                                                                       Our little family.

                                                               The beautiful couple....

                                                        Kate and her beautiful Bridesmaids..

                                                                     Taking a stroll

                                                     We've finally done it....

                                 Josh loves his fishing, having a little fish after the ceremony.

The Best Man and Groomsmen not believing Josh is finally married....

                                  Kate with her sister Rebecca, on the left and their cousin....

                                       This is one of my favourite photos outside the Chapel...

                                                    Wedding cake and Wedding cupcakes

                                                                 Cutting of the cake..

                            My beautiful girl, me and my new son in law....

                           LOL a funny photo of my BFF and me at the end of the night...............

                                               We all had a wonderful time......

Cheers to the end of 2016....